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Welcome to The Arowana Villa, a sanctuary of luxury in the captivating hills of Igatpuri. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of comfort and nature with our splendid villas in Igatpuri.


Discover serenity in our villas, thoughtfully designed to offer modern amenities and a unique charm. Choose a retreat like no other with our villas in Igatpuri, providing an idyllic escape in the lap of nature. Indulge in the bliss of our villas in Igatpuri with private pool, where you can relax and appreciate the scenic beauty that surrounds you. With spacious interiors, well-furnished accommodations, and personalized services, your stay promises to be a memorable experience. At The Arowana Villa, we redefine luxury living in Igatpuri. Book your stay and enjoy every moment in a haven where comfort, style, and natural beauty come together seamlessly. Your picturesque getaway begins in the heart of Igatpuri's enchanting landscapes.